DERBY Pub & Restaurant | Since 1990

During the summer, a breeze of cool air and refreshing water vapors is roaming through the terrace, while in winter time we warm your hearts with a playful flame in the fireplace.

The Internet is wireless in any season (even in the crossroad nearby).

If our chefs would prepare all the dishes they know, the menu would be the size of the phone book.
We serve Mediterranean food just as their mother would cook it and Sangria better than the one Spanish have on their table. Everything that gets on your plate is cooked in our special cuisine, cake and cookies included.

Matching the curved hallstand, made in 1920, the russian samovar and the 1930’s typing machine, we have the jukebox area with Sinatra in power play.

Cuban cigars and pipes have their special corner, just as the most important football matches, played surround on screens and projectors have their own reserved evenings.

You can reserve the entire pub, if you are in the mood for a party with friends and fellow work mates.
If your plans are set and you know the specific date, you can have a click on the contact page.

So remember

The corner across the street from Eroii Sanitari, you see a horse shaped logo with “Derby. Established in 1990” written under it, you then pass inside the terrace, find the pub downstairs, or go to the first floor if you want to eat.


The right place to have a romantic dinner is in the semicircular balcony at the first floor, with tables for two.