DERBY Pub & Restaurant | Since 1990

The menu presented below is informative
(in the next follow-up modified intervention will take place)

For more details please call 0722 500 361. Thank you!

Alcoholic Beverages

J.W. Red Label

Vodka Smirnoff / Gin Beeafeter

Campari / Martini – bianco / rosato

Cognac Metaxa 7*

 Cocktails  from that drinks

Bottle of Wine – 750 ml – white / rose / red

Beer: Carlsberg

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Plain water, Mineral water,

 Coca Cola – Tonic, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite,

Limonada, Santal: orange / peach / mar / cherry

Coffee Manuel: espresso / cappuccino

120 lei / person for 5 hours

VAT included

The beverage menu can be negotiated depending on the food menu chosen by the customer
(discount applied to the entire ordered or punctual menu for certain menu assortments).
For more details, please write to us at or contact us at tel: 021 410 8545 or tel: 0722 500 361