DERBY Pub & Restaurant | Since 1990

The menu presented below is informative
(in the next follow-up modified intervention will take place)

For more details please call 0722 500 361. Thank you!


Mini roller rolls with spinach, cheese paste and shrimp in parmesan;
Chicken Terrier;
Salmon rolls with ricotta and green onions;
Ham roll and cheese with aromatic herbs;
Bruschetta with salmon paste and red roe;
Bruschetta with scampi cream and black caviar;
Prosciutto crudo sticks with sesame;
Mini skewer with fine fruit and cheese;
Octopus salad with Tuscan style potatoes;
Mini meatballs with oriental flavor;
Liver in roll bacon;
Seafood salad with crudity;
Greek salad;
Home bread;

Main Dish

Rolled from turkey pulp, with hribi and vegetables in the oven;
Scalopina financizerra di vitel in oven, with wine sauce and sage;
Pungent mushrooms with spicy sausages in aromatic herbs crust;
Fresh vegetable livers;
Potatoes with rosemary in the oven;
Greek Salad;
Home bread;

price: 210 lei / person

VAT included

Note: Menus can be personalized according to customer request. The total number of seats available is for 80 people, the location being arranged on 2 levels. Each floor has 40 seats. For more details about the menu, location, available data, please call 0722 500 361